-“L’isolement” is NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION new offering.

A 7?ep including tracks “L’Isolement” and “Beskidt og Forlat“

A limited selection of copies of this ep will include a bonus CD featuring the two vinyl songs plus a few cover songs: Forgotten Tomb medley (Disheartenment/Love’s burial ground) and Nargaroth’ “Seven tears are flowing into the river”

A T-Shirt displaying the ep artwork will be also available in bundle sale with the 7?/CD pack!

Release Date : October 2013

-Avskrius is back into Nocturnal Depression as lead guitar

-A split with the danish band MYRD is in progress. An exclusive track was recorded.

-This month, the recording sessions for "Spleen Black Metal" will start. Stay tuned for more infos about it.

- There is an official FAN PAGE on Facebook now where you will find every news about the band, releases and gigs :

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